Amber Turner

I came to CrossFit to change my body, although having been a runner for 15 years, I considered myself to be fit. I have been a member of traditional gyms and rather than running endlessly on a treadmill staring at the morning news, I am performing thrusters, push press, jerks, double unders, burpees, pull ups, and countless other movements that have shown me that my body was meant for more than running. These workouts are a unique balance of strength and endurance that push my body further than I knew possible. I find myself telling everyone about CrossFit.

I have had the opportunity to invite friends to challenge themselves with CrossFit and have yet to find anyone who has not immediately realized the benefit of the CrossFit philosophy.

I am driven out of bed at 5 every morning by the desire to be a part of a community of people who are proving though CrossFit what their bodies are capable of achieving.