Matt Dawkins

I have been following the programming scheme that CrossFit provides for almost two years now. What’s not to love about a genre of fitness that specializes in NOT SPECIALIZING! . . . especially if you’re anything like me, and it doesn‘t take long to get bored of the same routine.

No matter what fitness background you’re coming into CrossFit, it has a way of bringing both your strengths and your weaknesses to light in just a few short workouts. My background was football, so CrossFit was quick to point out my lacking endurance. It forced me out of my close-minded, strength-centered view of fitness and helped me begin to prepare for LIFE with a more well-rounded, functional approach to fitness.

I REALLY love the atmosphere of the classes, here at Pee Dee CrossFit. Whether I’m trying to keep pace with the others in the class or just trying to beat my best time on the workout of the day, CrossFit is getting me into the best shape of my life; and I’m so glad to have a Box here in the Pee Dee that shares in my enthusiasm of fitness for life.

Least Favorite Exercise – Burpees